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Golden Touch 24 Carat Whisky is truly one of the finest whisky's blended with scotch in the Indian premium market. Delightfully smooth, with a sweet start, sublime after taste and concludes beautifully.The alcohol high is to be mentioned, it is unique as it is slow and delayed, but has a linear increase with a satisfying and a pleasant high.The aroma is also very well mannered, in fact that it has a mellowed resolution and not harsh in the slightest. If you appreciate whisky as an experience and not just a means to get high, please make sure to try this out


Friends Club Deluxe Whisky goes by its name with elegance in its taste. It creates a firm and bonding connection with the consumer. Friends club whisky is not just a weekend retreat. It is a strong bond which builds cumulatively. So strong that even the revolution can't hamper. Taste the gripping passion and spellbound  friendship over a drink. Experience the strong well blended taste of friends club whisky. 


"Friends for life" is  more than a saying.


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24 Carat XO Superior Pure Grape Brandy


You can now savor the taste of India's finest brand that will be an ideal choice for those who want the best in life. The new blend would be placed in a prestige segment to give the brandy aficianado a unique new experience of immaculate taste.


Golden Touch Brandy comes in an attractive bottle, which promises to remind one of those cherished old times spent with your close friends and stimulates an urge to relive those moments.




Carnival XXX Rum is  a traditional dark rum designed to blend  easily into your bar collections.It is a fine distilled alcoholic beverage made from the sugarcane by-products such as molasses and sugarcane juice by a process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate is a clear and lucid liquid .


Carnival XXX Rum is a party in your mouth which can either be mixed or sipped with satisfaction. For those who want to savor the hints of spice alongside strong flavors, this is the one you should not miss out.


Carnival Dry Gin is a delighful sensation marked by its meticulous taste which has evolved over time to a state of alluring novelty. Gin derives its predominant flavor from juniper berries from its earliest beginnings in the Middle Ages, it has transcended over the course of a millennium from a herbal medicine to an object of commerce in the spirits industry.


Carnival Dry Gin starts subtle,elevates to a higher sense of tastes and conclude with a exotic sensation. It lends memories of classic british tradition that will leave with an english accent at the end of the glass.




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